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Hopefield - a Ministry of Gymea Baptist Church

Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021: Flourishing Communities

About Us


Flourishing Communities


Hopefield is a community based, Christ centred organisation, that provides holistic professional services, inspiring hope and transforming lives.

Our Why

We fundamentally believe that every human being is inherently worthy and that, regardless of life circumstance, background or beliefs, every individual matters.

Hopefield exists to improve the lives and wellbeing of our clients by showing them that change is possible and equipping them with the every day skills necessary for improved communication, resiliency, social and emotional functioning, healthy relationships and improved sense of belonging.

Organisational Outcomes:

Hopefield has three consistent organisational outcomes across all endeavors:

1) Individuals are emotionally & functionally healthy
2) Families are safe nurturing and resilient
3) Communities are vibrant connected and thriving

Core Values:

  • Hope is the umbrella under which every interaction is conducted. Hope is offered to every person who comes into contact with Hopefield.
  • Hopefield believes each individual has been created with potential and purpose. We believe each person has the power to create positive change, gain freedom from barriers, and find lifelong healing. We are committed to offering hope in difficult situations when solutions may not seem obvious.
  • Hopefield is a safe harbour for equipping and empoweringpeople to lead changed, restored lives.
  • Hopefield strives to empower our clients in discovering and utilising their strengths and resources. We support clients in taking responsibility and ownership in developing their life purposes and meanings. This includes creativity and innovation when problem solving.


  • More than good intentions. Hopefiled remains professional and effective, observing best practice in all it does.
  • Hopefield extends love, care, value, dignity, worth.  We have "heart".


  • Hopefield accepts and embraces all people.
  • It is not judgemental, it does not exclude or segregate, there is no stigma or shame placed on any of its clients.
  • Hopefield is able to adapt and respond to an individuals needs, community shifts or sector wide changes.  It is flexible and open to developing and advancing original ideas.


Hopefield began as Tea Gardens Cottage in February 1995 in a small room in Gymea Baptist Church.  With a vision to serve the community and meet peoples needs, Tea Gardens Cottage, soon became incorpoated and operated under the name of Southern Community Welfare for 20 years. 

Initially starting as a small two person counselling service Hopefield expanded services adding and specialising in various areas of community concern including deliberate self harm and suicide post vention.  Services to support children and families, the homeless and domestic violence were also added providing case management and practical support to the marginalised and vulnerable across the Sutherland Shire and beyond.  Counselling services also expanded to include pychological interventions for most significant mental health conditions as well as relationships, depression, anxiety and stress.

Today Hopefield is a professional service, fully accredited to standards of excellence including NSW Disability Standards, has tax deductibility status with the ATO and is a recognised and registered charity with the ACNC. 

Hopefield now operates across a number of sites and has grown well beyond its humble beginnings of a small room under the stairs of a church.




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